Monday, December 8, 2008

The hostel illustration competition

Once in a while the people in our hostel get really excited and decide to have competitions for illustrations, using any software and in a limited time.

Two days back we had one... and the topics were

1) A crocodile sneaking up on a rubber duck with a red band around its neck. (half an hour, color, limited background)

2) A kid wearing his underwear sucking his toe.(fifteen minutes, only line art)

and here's my attemt at the two... i couldn' finish the first one... i spent too much time making the bubbles and trying to make the marble texture... i'll finish that one sometime soon and post again...

 Line art is my favorite round because i can finish the sketch in time, and i can add detail... :D

the third one is my preliminary sketch of the concept... over which i applied some watercolor later on... i wished i could achieve the same in photoshop... :P

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