Wednesday, August 24, 2011


'ello 'ello 'ello... :D

I've drawn sketchbook covers for the second set of Bechain Nagri sketchbooks! And i get royalty for every sketchbook that gets sold! So go and buy my sketchbook! I want to buy a new hard disk!

This time they wanted all the covers to follow a theme. I based my covers on Monster foods.

1) Sandwich witch.
2) Mummy's Pickle.
3) Ketchup Vampire.
4) Big Foot-long.
5) Undead Leftovers.

The paper is super nice, I've tried out most all mediums on it and they work wonderfully. The paper doesn't have much grain though, so i don't like using pencils on it, but for everything else it is awesome! :D

If you want to order your books online click here! Shipping is FREE! :D


Coakley said...

I want Big-Foot-Long!!!!

SAI said...

'Burp'- that was good!!