Thursday, January 3, 2008

Fat man running with sink

3rd time

Subject : Fat man running with a sink

Constraints : Blue And Yellow in the bakground...

ahm.. i'm really happy with the way this one came out... but i wasn't able to finish the background in time... anyways... Happy new year!!!

P.S. - The one on top is mine...


Arpit Bhargava said...

Very nice. One could say you've grown with every post. Also that it is our solemn duty to bring fat men with sinks to life.

My tablet is rarring to go.


Thats the tablet.

Rarr. Rarr

Vestiphobe said...

I see no email address, so I'll put my request here. My weblogs (one Dutch, one English) often features articles on nudity in art, and I'm also planning to do a post on (basically non-sexual) nudity in cartoons. Do you allow me to use your 'Fat Man Running With A Sink'? (both of them)
I would put your name in it (it isn't now, a bit careless Anish!) and also add a link in the articles to your page.

Willem van Deursen