Wednesday, May 6, 2009


You can't survive in Ahmedabad's summer without an A.C. or at least a cooler... But filling it with water everyday is quite a pain... and then the humidity... oh God!!


Shreyas said...

Ahmedabad is humid?!!!?!?!
Dude, come to chennai. :P

Dialect Of Heart said... are back on the block...the thumbnail was on for too long. awaiting your amazing sketches :)

Anish Daolagupu said...

@shreyas : Ahmedabad is not humid... My room is... :P

@quirky : shall be putting up more sketches soon, sorry for being away for so long... :(

jazzlamb said...

Heyyy. When did you get a cooler?
And shreyas is right, the day you feel your room is too humid, go to Chennai.